Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sorting Saturday: Lecture and class materials

I'm beginning to have a large collection of educational materials from classes, lectures, conferences and magazines. Right now they are all just hanging around the way they came. I have a notebook from my BU classes, from my RIGSA class, Internet printouts, printed handouts from online trainings, magazines articles still in magazines, etc. The problem is, that if I need help with a topic, for example census records, my information is in my house, somewhere. But where?

My plan for today is to take apart these binders, magazine articles, etc. and make a filing system for them in my filing cabinet. I'm an aficionado of hanging file folders, so I'll use those. Without looking, I can see folders for census, court records, military records, immigration, land records, paleography and citations. I'm sure there will be many more before I am done.

Within each file, I'll staple the articles together with a page added for its origin. In the case of magazine articles, I may need to make a copy of one page or another. I'm giving serious thought to making an Excel spreadsheet as I go. But that may be a duplication of effort if I set up the file folders properly.

I've considered scanning these in and making a file system that way, but I guess I'm old fashioned. I like paper.

What do you think? How do you store these types of documents?

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  1. Good luck - I usually get sidetracked with in a few minutes of beginning my sort - then I am off on a research tangent!