Monday, March 28, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Diary of Hugh C. Kennedy

My great-grandfather, Hugh Crawford Kennedy, kept a diary in 1913 which has remained in possession of a family member. I had the privilege of transcribing it a few years ago. It mostly contains trivial events from a genealogical standpoint. The weather and household projects are often mentioned, as well as local visits from family members. But there are a few interesting days:

Friday, Jan 10
Rain a miserable day.
Telephone installed at my Home.

Tuesday, Mar 4
Warm and Rain
Inauguration day. Grover Wilson takes his seat as president of the United States. May he rule Justly, Impartially to the people of the land. As upon his righteousness much depends.

Tuesday, Mar 25
Warm and Rain
Hecter the Public School Superintendent arrested in connection with charges made by a young lady named Fisher. Investigation to prove the truth by court trial.
Much Rain – Awful Flood in the State of Ohio. Thousands of lives lost and millions of property damage.

Tuesday, Apr 1
Cold winds and cloudy
Grand jury heard the testimony of Ms Fisher regarding charges made by her against Mr Hecter Supt of Board of Public Education

Tuesday, Apr 22
Very nice and warm
 Have extremely bad cold in the head
 School children all over the city go out on strike against supt. D. L. Hecter demanding his resignation on account of the scandal between him and Ethel Ivy Fisher.

I imagine getting a telephone was very exciting. A presidential inauguration is always newsworthy. And if any genealogist researching D. L. Hecter or Ethel Ivy Fisher runs across my blog, they may be interested. I may have to research how this turned out just to satisfy my curiosity. Hugh Kennedy lived in Pittsburgh at this time.

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