Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family History Scrapbooking Sunday: Family History Album Class

Last week I happened upon a post by the Scrappy Genealogist for a virtual scrapbook circle that was starting with a Family History Album class at Scrap-booking was a hobby long before I became interested in genealogy, and being a 'techie' kind of person, I've done some digital scrap-booking as well. It has, however, been a while as it's a lot more fun to research my ancestors. I've also taken a couple of other classes at Jessica Sprague and enjoyed them.

I'd like to at have something concrete my son can look at if he is ever interested in his family history. For this album, I plan to use my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. In part, because I have more photos of my side of the family. Hopefully one day I'll do another album for my son of the other side of the family.

This week I scanned in a lot of photos. By a fortunate twist of fate, a friend had just lent me her Flip-Pal scanner. Hopefully I'll write more about it soon. I will say, it made the scanning go much faster. I also attended my first every ScanFest at AnceStories. Everyone was nice and it made the scanning go that much faster. I plan to attend again. You might want to try it sometime as well.

Our second assignment was to organize our family history. Fortunately, I've been doing this for a long time. While Jessica Sprague recommended Adobe Bridge or Adobe Elements, I've been a long time user of Memory Manager from Creative Memories so I used it. I confess, I still have some photos to organize, but I'm making progress. The last part of assignment two was to download and extract the digital kits, which I did. These kits contain digital papers and embellishments.

Lastly, our third task this week was to make the title page. I've used Adobe Elements before and thought it would be a snap, but promptly got stuck when I couldn't remember how to drag the paper onto the template. Luckily, I have a book in my scrapbook stash which explained how to do this. At least I remembered how to use the fonts tool! I would like to add that Jessica Spague also has a mentor program had I needed more help. But I've found I retain what I learn longer if I can figure it out myself.

Maybe next week, I'll post some of my layouts.

I have no connection to Making Memories, Flip-Pal, or except being a happy customer.


  1. Hi Jackie, Wow, you did a lot this week! I got snagged on the same task as you. If you need help, let me know. I also posted instructions yesterday on how to change the paper. Send me an email or comment if I can help. Jen

  2. This is right up your alley, Jackie! Can't wait to see what all you come up with!!!