Friday, November 11, 2011

Family History Scrapbooking Sunday: Family Tree

As I mentioned last week, I Last week I joined a group of women at the Scrappy Genealogist for a virtual scrapbook circle that was starting with a Family History Album class at This week we worked on our Family Tree and our Pedigree Chart. I was able to find photos of all the ancestors except for one. Guess he was shy.  Here they are:

I'm designing this album pretty much as presented in class. If I do another one on the other side of the family, then I may venture off into different territory. The three most recent photos were in color, but I converted them to black and white. It just looked better that way.

Many thanks to the kit designers: Crystal Wilkerson, Echo Park Paper Co., Live Esteban, Linda Roos, Jan Crowley, Cosmo Cricket, and Nisa Fin.


  1. Nice job, Jackie! I love that you have a photo for almost everyone! Wow - that's wonderful. I think that you're right... all black and white photos look lovely. :)

  2. That is totally awesome! Only one missing photo! I love this idea of doing the scrapbook on your blog! This is great! I look forward to seeing more.

  3. Excellent! I like how the trees are looking with the photos. Can't wait to get mine done.
    Nice job!

  4. Beautiful pictures. How nice to have them all. I agree that they look better all in black and white.

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