Saturday, April 23, 2011

52 weeks of Personal Genealogy and History: Week 17- Pets

The first pet I remember is Licorice. He was a black dachshund. A little pudgy, but lovable. I remember once when he ran into the metal edge of a coffee table and dented it. I think he may have gotten a little brain damaged. He didn't seem to be the brightest dog. I remember dressing him up in doll clothes and pushing him in my baby doll carriage. Poor little guy. He put up with a lot.  The first house we lived in, he ran straight out the back door and down two steps to the back yard. Then we moved to a house with a little porch about 5 feet up. The first time we let him out, we didn't think. He ran straight out and dropped 5 feet with his little ears flying. Luckily, it didn't seem to hurt him.

About the same time frame, I remember two turtles, Tommy and Timmy. These days, kids can't have these little turtles due to salmonella fears. But I never had any tummy problems.They both seemed to die from old age.

After Licorice passed (escaped and was hit by a car) we got Cindy, a mixed breed border collie type dog. She lived a long life, into my twenties. We also had a Siamese cat named 'Darn Cat' after the movie. Although occasionally Darn was replaced with a different word. She liked to sit on top of the fish tank light.  When I married, she stayed with my parents and also lived a long, long life.

As a married adult, we had a Doberman whose name escapes me, and then another border collie type dog named Andy. Then a Dalmatian named Spot. How original. Spot could escape from her kennel. Once when we boarded her they found her the next morning running up and down the aisles barking at the other animals and having a blast.

The current critter in my life is my son's cat, Stir Fry. I've become quite attached, so hopefully neither will move out any time soon.