Sunday, January 8, 2012

Scrapbook Sunday: Paternal Grandparents

If you have been following along with some of my previous posts, you know I'm working on a digital family history scrapbook of some of my ancestors by as part of a group Virtual Geneascrappers taking a class at Jessica Sprague

This project is taking longer than I anticipated but I did complete another two page spread this week. The spread is about my paternal grandparents, Raymond Russell McDonald and his wife (#4 I believe), Grace Marie Thompson.

My grandfather passed away before I was born, but I did know my grandmother for several years. And sadly, like many other people, I found out too late that I should have asked my father more about my grandfather. But I have learned a lot from my research.  Happy scrappin' everyone.

Many thanks to the kit designers: Crystal Wilkerson, Echo Park Paper Co., Live Esteban, Linda Roos, Jan Crowley, Cosmo Cricket, and Nisa Fin.


  1. It is taking me longer than I had anticipated as well. I could use several days to do nothing but scrapbook. If only my family would let me! Beautiful job Jackie! Jen

  2. I have felt like I am running in peanut butter. I have the facts, I have the pics and then I sit down to create a wonderful layout and my mind just does a BLANK!!!! Yikes! I really like your pages! Your grandparents just come alive!