About Me


In March 2010 I retired early, and have since debated with myself the question of  "What do I want to be when I grow up?"  I still don't know.

On many occasions I have considered becoming a professional genealogist. I have a certificate in genealogy from Boston University. I've been through Pro-gen. I've been to a few conferences and many online webinars. But I've never found the niche I would want for a genealogy business.

I tried retail and working in a library. Then I found a job doing tech support in a middle school. I liked it, but got the teaching bug.  This fall I got a job as a teachers aide, and rapidly concluded that teacher's today have to work 60 hour work weeks to keep up, and that doesn't fit my vision of retirement, so I didn't stay there long.  I have since been hired back on at my old middle school doing tech support again, and I plan to stay there for several years. I think teaching the teachers about technology satisfies my desire to teach, and you can't beat the work schedule.

But in my spare time, I plan to continue my genealogical journey and see where it takes me.

I hope you will follow my journey.